, 18. 12. 2006

Anna Jermolaewa (RUS/A)

AVU – Akademie výtvarných umění, Praha, nezařazeno

Video-based works presentation
Prezentace videopraci a videoprojektuVideo-based works presentation
Prezentace videopraci a videoprojektu

A somewhat ironical critique and yet humorous approach to the psychological and physical depths of the individuals in our society, which, in a Freudian sense, emanate from early childhood experience, can be seen in the work of St. Petersburg-born and Vienna-based artist Anna Jermolaewa. With her cunning sexualization of the everyday, Jermolaewa leads us into the world of desires, which make the absurd, obscene, or hidden look normal. Revealing our inner drives in a wicked game of corporeal objectification, Jermolaewa’s swift and capturing video loops always obtain a very fresh and thus “young” quality.