–21:00, 9. 9. 2023

Harmonies of Taste, Ikebana, and Sound

Petrohradská kolektiv, Praha, koncert, performance, workshop

Harmonies of Taste, Ikebana, and Sound at Petrohradská kolektiv on Saturday the 9th of September!

࿐ Program:

Ikebana Workshop: 16:30 – 18:30 (Before the Main Performances)

Main Performances:

Performance 1: 19:30 – 20:10 (40 minutes)

Intermission: 20:10 – 20:30 (20 minutes)

Performance 2: 20:30 – 21:10 (40 minutes)

࿐ Artists:

Ryota Hagiwara: Ikebana

Rua Soda: Contemporary gastronome

PedPour: Music

Ryota Hagiwara:

Is a skilled Ikebana artist operating from the vibrant city of Tokyo, Japan. Ikebana, the renowned art of Japanese flower arrangement, is a traditional practice that has been passed down for over 600 years. Ryota has devoted himself to the art form and commenced his endeavors in Ikebana in the year 2016.

Rua Soda:

Traveling Chef/Contemporary Gastronome

Working exclusively with local ingredients throughout Japan, he expresses the history of natural ecosystems and people’s lives on washi paper. In addition, he is active in all areas of food, including restaurant production for art festivals, regional development through food, serialization of food essays, and film appearances. In the spring of 2023, he gave a performance connecting Japan and Ukraine through cooking at an event to support displaced people in Ukraine. In the spring of 2023, he performed at an event to support displaced people in Ukraine, connecting Japan and Ukraine through cooking.

Performance video

『Pray for Ukraine』


Pedram embarked upon his illustrious musical career by delving into the realm of Persian traditional music, demonstrating his fervent passion for the intricacies of this art form. In addition, he conducted extensive research into a diverse range of musical styles including Tibetan, Japanese, Armenian, and Australian native music. Subsequently, Pedram shifted his focus towards the avant-garde realm of electronic/experimental music, creating and releasing his own masterful tracks under the pseudonym of Pedpour. His insatiable desire to explore new sonic territories and create unique atmospheric soundscapes is a hallmark of his music.

࿐ Join us for the intercultural experience! ࿐