–22:00, 30. 4. 2024

Temporary Club Closing x SHAPE+

Petrohradská kolektiv, Praha, koncert

(v Jedna Dva Tři Galerii)

On Tuesday, April 30th, we would like to invite you to the closing night of the „Temporary Club“ series at Jedna Dva Tři Gallery. Simultaneously, we will be hosting an installation/intervention at our former cinema within courtyard, as an outcome of the SHAPE+ residency.

19:30—21:00 gallery
✧Ursula Sereghy

19:00—22:00 cinema
installation/intervention (SHAPE+)
✧✧✧Paul Gründorfer & Maria Komarova & Michal Cáb

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✧Zaumne (Mateusz Olszewski) is a Polish sound artist, researcher of human moods, atmospheres, internet culture and its sound content. Intuitive aspects and beyond rationality are the main pillars of his creative practice. He works with carefully processed vocal samples and field recordings in his compositions as well as with tickling sounds that trigger the ASMR phenomenon. His catalogue of works includes albums that explore the subjects of personal experiences, materiality, intimacy, paranormal sensations and dreams.

✧Ursula Sereghy is a Prague-based electronic music producer, instrumentalist, recipient of the Vinyla Discovery of the Year 2022 award, Shape Platform+ alumni, and member of the educational project Synth Library. In September 2021, Ursula released her debut EP „OK Box“ on the Gin&Platonic label, which received acclaim on both the Czech and international scenes. „OK Box“ ranked on The Quietus‘ list of the best albums of 2021.
Ursula’s characteristic sonic palette and organic intertwining of fragmented rhythms blend with lightly ironically sounding chorales and field recordings capturing the noises of cities and civilization listened to from a great distance. The rhythmic structures often describe longer or more complex patterns than usual, so the impression of chaos depends primarily on the listener’s perception of order and coherence. The tracks create small corners, certain types of soundtracks to events in everyday life, which may then be perceived in a slightly different light. They could be seen as clues in the detective work of exploring the multiplicity of reality and perceiving one’s own subjectivity, which is so intricately intertwined with the all-encompassing influences of myths and cultures that create what we call normalized reality.

installation/intervention by Michal Cáb & Paul Gründorfer & Maria Komarova (SHAPE+ )

✧✧Artistic practice in the scope of conceptual and process art, site specific intervention, sound sculpture and performance.
Paul Gründorfer develops process-related systems and explores variable or unstable conditions within the occurrence of sound when exposed to amplification, feedback and plural signal streams.

His works focus on processes that evolve in a social space, where sound is considered a found object and event, that directly relates to, influences and reflects the environment. They deal with the instability of systems, questioning the role of control and reaction, and researching mechanisms of hidden signals.

✧✧✧Maria Komarova is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is situated on the borders of performing arts, scenography, sound and installation art. She is interested in creating spatial settings that foster a sense of curiosity and attention toward everydayness. By staging and technically repurposing commonplace objects, Komarova’s works emphasize sonic and visual potential of the non-human world. Working with sound as a performative medium, she continuously develops DIY electro-acoustic objects and lets them temporarily inhabit the sites of performances and installations.

Komarova is a cofounder of Prague-based theatre collective PYL, International Festival of Performative Arts — Performensk (formerly based in Minsk, since 2022 — in exile).

✧Michal Cáb
His artistic practice includes sound-art, synthesizer programming and sound installations. He studied theology and postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Intermedia III studio of Tomáš Vaňek. In his artistic and pedagogical practice, he explores in particular the use of programming languages and open source software as a basic means of expression for today’s artist. His tool domain is the Linux operating system and the Pure Data programming language, whose possibilities he uses in both gallery and theatre contexts. He has realized many musical accompaniments for theatre performances and exhibition projects. Michal is also a member of the open livecoding group Kolektiv.

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The production of the cultural activities of the Petrohradská kolektiv is financially supported in 2024 by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague.

Paul Gründorfer is an artist of the SHAPE+ platform, which is co-funded by the European Union and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. www.shapeplatform.eu