, 12. 10. 2006

Mechanomorphic and anthropomorphic machines in performances

Kabinet múz, Brno, nezařazeno

přednáška Prof. Louis-Philippe Demers

http://www.hfg-karlsruhe.de/~ldemers/přednáška Prof. Louis-Philippe Demers


This presentation discusses the notion of anthropomorphism and perceived behaviours in the social robots from the biased view ofseveral artistic robotic installations and performances. The authorpresents these observations as a source of inspiration for embeddingbehaviours in robots. Investigating anthropocentricism, these works mixmachines from the very abstract geometric to the very representativezoomorphic shapes. The robot was exploited as the medium in atypicalhuman analogies and situations. In La Cour des Miracles, we staged themisery of the machine. In L’Assemblee, 48 robotic arms gather in anarena to create crowd behaviours. In Armageddon, robots were Angels andGod’s messengers while in Devolution, they were part of a biologicalmetaphor with dancers. As we attribute intent to outside agents thatact upon the physical world, one might question the level ofanthropomorphism needed in social robots and also reflect if thisprojection is an inevitable reflex or not. Social robots have mainlyembraced the humanoids with friendly behaviours as the mode ofintercommunication, should we further ask, if this alley channels thepotential of the robot intelligence.