–21:00, 18. 10. 2023

Petrohradská kolektiv & Noise Kitchen present Bramborack #2: litterbin

Kino petrohradská, Praha, koncert, performance

litterbin, as the winner of the Bramborack Open Call, is having a performance at Kino Petrohradská on 18. 10. 2023. It includes the Bramborack synthesizer as an essential piece.

litterbin is a multigenre producer, DJ, sound enthusiasist, and hyperpop vocalist. A member of Future Jiskří group. In his work he combines the maximalist sound made famous by the PC Music collective, with the slightly cheesy attitude of midwest emo bands or indie singer/songwriters, and a tint of 90s Warp label electronics nostalgia. This strange vision will be introduced on his upcoming releases.

Come to Kino Petrohradská cinema on the 18th of October, we start at 19:30, free entry ?

*Bramborack Open Call is an open call for local sound artists interested in eurorack modular synthesizers. It is a opportunity to create, learn, enrich and be presented by Noise Kitchen and artist-run initiative Petrohradská kolektiv.

P.s. there also will be a release of so long-awated limited Petrohradská kolektiv’s merch this evening ? designed by Martin Czeller ? don’t miss ?